Introducing Zeecutt - The ideal utensil for crab legs, lobster, and more! Lobster with Zeecutt

Zeecutt® is a newly patented product designed for opening crab legs, lobster, and other large crustaceans.

Zeecutt®'s unique design utilizes leverage and a cutting edge to open hard shells cleanly and easily. No more “fishing” pieces of shells from your food or struggling to open the shell before the meal is cold.

What People Are Saying About Zeecutt®

“Simple to use, no splatter, cost is less than a mixed drink. If you love lobster like I do, and you like to get at it quickly, that Zeecutt is it. I wish they had them in restaurants - I have to bring my own.”

- Don, Surgeon, Penfield NY

“I am amazed how simplistic and effective Zeecutt is.  My skin was unscathed from shells and my meat was beautifully waiting to be devoured in one whole piece!   Thanks for such a great invention!”

- Scott, Financial Specialist, Tampa FL

“Finally someone has designed a product to open King Crab Legs. We will never use those obsolete nutcrackers again. Thank you!.”

- Diane, Restaurant Manager, Bangor ME

“Zeecutt works, and is worth much more than the $5.95! If you love crab legs and lobster you will love this new utensil.”

- John, Business Owner, Rochester, NY

  1. Insert Zeecutt and open using a slow up and down rocking motion 2. Continue cutting until the shell is ready to be opened 3. Open the shell to remove the meat 4. With Zeecutt, the meat comes out in one piece!  

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* Satisfaction Guaranteed - Return Zeecutt® within 14 days and receive a full refund of your purchase price minus shipping and handling. Zeecutt® is a registered product of Design 2 Achieve, LLC. Design 2 Achieve, LLC. shall not be liable for consequential damages, incidental damages, including any damage to persons or property. Zeecutt’s® liability is limited to the purchase price of the crab knife only. Such exclusions of incidental or consequential damages vary from state to state. Zeecutt® is not a toy. Any injury sustained by a child or adult from use of this product is the sole responsibility of the user. Not for use by children under the age of thirteen. Zeecutt is not recommended for opening small shellfish.